SLow Wine Guida 2021





ALATA 2017 voto 87/100

ALATA 2016 voto 89/100

PRIVATO 2016 voto 90/100

PRIVATO 2013 voto 91/100

Much work for a good Risotto!

What a pitty to remove the threads from the wonderful Saffron flowers!

The Saffron’s threads look like Japanese ideograms!

Our olive oil 2019

a real treat!

Free of glyphosate since ever! Not fertilized and  never treated with  insecticides and pesticides!

2017 Summer in our agritourism

 Our agritourism has worked well during this Summer and guests  arrived from different countries: France, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.


They have appreciated the quietness, the nature, the position of our holiday home and  the quality of the own products.


 You will find all details on our homepage under Farmhouse Holidays.


And don’t forget you can easily reach cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa as well as the seaside.


Just join us!

2017 Harvest

Until now this year’s  weather has been extremely difficult due to some frosts in April in the lowlands and extreme heat without rain for 4 month.

But here at Rampa di Fugnano we are located in a privileged position: at 350 meters above sea level  we didn’t get hit by the frosts in April. Since years we let grow the grass in all our vineyards. Grass is shredded  twice a year and left on the ground. This layer is serving on one hand as fertilizer and  on the other hand as humidity keeping layer during dry periods. In this way vines are obliged to produce very long roots looking for water in the depth to avoid competition on the surface. For these reasons  we have very nice grapes and the rains of the last few days have  improved their quality.


We will let you know soon!

Luca Maroni

Great pleasure for us to read  these extremely  high valutations sent to us by the famous wine journalist Luca Maroni. Don\'t miss to try them too!


Notes and translations in the book of François Bouchet.